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Gabriela Anca Aust

ebidtopay or as we used to be called eeebid is a provider that serves all industry sectors and public institutions

we serve likewise large multinationals, medium enterprises and small enterprises. In public procurement we serve both public institutions (hospitals, railroads, education, services, armies, etc.), municipalities and governments. Let us share a couple of sectors as examples


we have many automotive specific high value added features:

  • RFx creation directly from product lifecycle management (PLM) system incl. inviting supplier panel by category, drawing and Bill of Materials (B.O.M) updates, etc.
  • handling of automotive service level agreements (SLA)
  • handlling of automotive style cost break downs (CBD)
  • handling of balanced scorecard incl. ratio, PPM and similar hard-facts
  • S.W.A.N. integration
  • automatic generation of master data
  • conflict mineral treatment
  • V.D.A. and other certificate management


we have many retail specific high value added features:

  • capability to handle millions of SKU while maintaining great performance
  • flexible SKU attribute schemas in order to handle all categories incl. dangerous goods like chain-saws
  • bundling of demand across stores, regions and different retail formats
  • packaging design with upmarking of drawings
  • handling of RFX and Auctions with hundreds of SKU
  • factored bidding
  • advanced reverse and sales auction settings
  • sales catalogue handling


we have many energy specific high value added features

  • health, safety and envirnomental (HSE) supplier pre-qualification forms adapted to the specific risks of refineries, (atomic) power plants and energy transmission
  • contract management workflows that accommodate  the specific challenges of having exploration, refinery and distribution spread across very different languages, countries and legal systems
  • powerful financial risk self-assessment methodologies leading to predictive validity often 6-12 months ahead of dedicated financial risk services
  • 2-factor authentication given the specific safety risks and requirements of this industry

Banking and Finance

we have many banking and finance specific high value added features

  • ROI and NPV based RFX and Auctions
  • .docx based online contract editing
  • mail based docusign approvals
  • scenario analysis and comparison
  • Pivot-Style Awarding analysis
  • stock market like combined quantity and price realtime negotiations
  • all global uni-code currencies
  • realtime exchange rate update on request


we have many construction specific high value added features

  • powerful double-envelope based bid-submission including team based seperate scoring and step by step envelop opening procedures
  • scoring and quote comparison functionalities that are adapted to the hundreds/thousands of positions typical in construction
  • powerful audit and digital signature procedures
  • public sector adapted market making and price determination algorithms
  • block-chain security as an option

Please contact us if you want further details on our consumer goods, pharma & medical, (air-)transport, process industry, tourism, minining and public procurement references.