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Smart Source To Contract!

Gabriela Anca Aust

save big with Source to Contract

  • pool your demand across all business units
  • qualify new suppliers with targeted requests for information (RFIs)
  • reduce your negotiation effort by up to 70% using electronic requests for proposal (RFPs) and requsts for quotation (RFQs)
  • benefit from powerful cost-break down, SLA and other advanced position templates
  • convert your requisitions with one click into an RFP and update automatically the awarding decision into the requisition
  • use the power of free market forces to drive down prices using reverse auctions
  • sell excess inventory and b-materials using sales auctions
  • join our pooling initiatives bundling demand across companies on the
    ebidtopay marketplace

benefit from advanced contract management

  • all your contracts accessible worldwide from anywhere
  • be on top of your contract renewals benefitting from timely reminders
  • convert your negotiation results with one click into a contract draft
  • improve your legal standing by systematically using clause-management
  • do smaller edits of your .docx contract drafts online without even downloading the contract
  • compare different versions of .docx documents directly online
  • benefit from frame contracts and quantity contracts and do call-offs
    using our fully synchronized purchasetopay functionalities
  • extend the usage to sales contracts and benefit from our dedicated collaboration functionalities


speed up your contract signing by connecting docusign

  • template based signing workflows
  • easy mail based signing without the need to login
  • improve your environmental foot-print saving on printing and physical postal operations
  • benefit from up to 90% faster contract signing
  • become recognized in your organization as leader in the digital transformation