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Smart Supplier Relationship Management!

Peter Benedek

Supplier Pre-Qualification

  • supplier master data registration and self-maintenance
  • supplier role and contact management
  • supplier finance data tracking
  • certificate management and expiry reminder processes
  • banking data management
  • detailed tracking of supplier health, safety and environmental (HSE) processes, capabilities and scores
  • supplier country risk implication
  • managing of key agreements such as confidentiality, code of conduct, conflict minerals and master supply agreement
  • acceptance tracking of important policies by the supplier (e.g. quality, logisitics and packaging policies)
  • update ERP and other system data using our supplier master data management capabilities
  • benefit from the supply-base already registered in the ebidtopay marketplace

Supplier Post evaluation and supplier self assessment

  • regularly evaluate your suppliers performance using soft-facts and hard-facts
  • easy email based evaluation by your stakeholders without need to login to any tool
  • benefit from proven evaluation templates and a powerful questionnaire editor
  • easily publish evaluation results to your suppliers and give them feed-back where they stand compared to your panel´s benchmark performance
  • introduce supplier self-assessment to receive up to date information of the supplier´s internal performance assessment
  • create a transparent 360 degree perspective on your supply-base

Supplier Development

  • digitalize and simplify your supplier development using ebidtopay measures functionalities
  • Improve your APQP, PPAP and SCAR management using ebidtopay measures functionalities
  • exchange, update and store all your key supplier development document in one single tool
  • benefit from easy excel import and export management functionalities to rapidly update your supplier measures and related sub-milestones

Supplier Enrichment (based on separate license with data providers)

  • assure correct supplier registration using our existing realtime web-services from BvD and Dun and Bradstreet 
  • benefit from pre-built interfaces to enrich your supplier data
  • get systematic on sustainability connecting Ecovadis
  • get an additional edge in risk-management connecting Risk-Methods
  • benefit from large scale AI and machine learning using Tealbook as supplier foundation