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Easy to use, fantastic UI, full scope - simply a great choice!

Eberhard W. Aust

Are you looking for a solution that is intuitive and easy to use? Do you need a solution that covers everything? Do you need a solution that immediately saves you time and effort? 

This is ebidtopay. Let us give you some examples:

  • with us you need far less clicks. You can create an RFQ on a single screen. 
  • with us you have autosave of your changes and do not have to click a submit button
  • with us you can use the same questionnaires for RFQ, Auctions, Supplier Evaluation and Supplier Assessment
  • with us you order on the same screen products from suppliers and from
    the company´s warehouse stock
  • with us you can use "Excel-Positions" for quoting, allowing you to easily adapt proven Excel sheets you have in the past exchanged with suppliers via email

PurchasetoPay is seamlessly integrated with Sourcing and Contract Management

  • a requisition can be flipped with one "click" into an RFQ or Reverse Auction
  • an RFQ- or Auction-Awarding can create with one "click" a Contract
  • in P2P you can call-off likewise catalogs, free-form requests, temporary labor from a Frame Contract

Approvals are very graphic, showing clearly the process, the status of approval and the steps to come. You can both approve on your smartphone and on your PC/laptop

Contact us via the menu "CONTACT" for a web based demonstration or get directly via the menu "FREE TRIAL - START SAVING TODAY" your free trial license. We will create for you immediately your own test environment that you can use free of charge for 6 weeks for RFQs, Auctions, etc.