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master the wave of digital transformation

Gabriela Anca Aust

digital is the only way to operate in the 2020ties

  • eliminating all paper improves you environmental footprint
  • supporting home office by introducing a seamless purchasetopay system reduces your carbon emissions
  • digital means fast and responsive processes
  • digital creates transparency and full audit trail
  • digital allows all stakeholders incl. suppliers and contractors to work on one system
  • digital allows you to capitalize and codify the knowledge of your teams

to attract generation-z and retain generation-y your ebidtopay processes need to be fully digital

  • generation-z is 100% digital native and has literally grown up with the smartphone
  • to generation-z most ERP and their purchasing screens look closer to dinosaurs than a digital system
  • if you want that generation-z works for your company, you need an ebidtopay system with a modern, responsive user interface (UX)
  • in most enterprises there is still too much paper, scanning and printing
  • if you want to retain generation-y eliminate virtually all paper and offer them a seamless system without retyping any data
  • eliminate the legacy of seperate system islands handling contract management, workflow, purchase2pay, supplier onboarding and sourcing potentially in seperate systems