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ultra fast deployment!

Gabriela Anca Aust

ebidtopay has a unique architecture that allows us to deploy it in record time:

  • ebidtopay is one system / not separate tools for sourcing, contract management, ordering, invoicing like most competitor products
  • ebidtopay supports fast-track deployment. In a configuration workshop
    you simply pick out of available best-practice RFQ/Auction templates, category trees, supplier assessment KPI and KPI-questionnaires, supplier catalogs. Then
    your integrator or our in-house consultants can activate them with only one click into your system environment
  • ebidtopay promotes same-day evangelist deployment with its super aggressively priced evangelist license. Here you start with a "clone" of a best practice evangelist configuration for your country and get all the necessary tools and support to make it perfect for your organization. Our common objective being that the system will be so much liked by your organization, that you receive budget to upgrade to a team, site or enterprise license
  • ebidtopay can also be deployed with a custom, fully flexible approach conceived by your integrator or based on your business needs (e.g. roll-out order). Also with this project methodology the deployment will be much faster than traditional sourcetopay suites.

Contact us today today, for your fast deployment:

  • If you do not want to wait for a lengthy implementation project.
  • If you rapidly need an alternative sourcetopay solution, because the current tool has little user acceptance.
  • if you want a solution that is so easy to configure, that you can deploy it yourself

With us super fast projects are the norm. As an example find below our Fast Track deployment to implement SourcetoContract and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) in less than one month.