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The best value solution that meets your budget!

Gabriela Anca Aust

best value sourcetopay solution - how does it work?

  • simply select by functional block, which license you need today
  • in the above example PurchasetoPay and SourcetoContract are selected.
  • you can expand this any time in the future, should you require more functional blocks
  • you can check out and test drive each functional block free of charge for 6 weeks. So you will know exactly what you get, before buying anything 
    Just order your free trial environment via  "FREE TRIAL - START SAVING
  • after the free trial you can decide separately for each functional block
    which license you need: "EVANGELIST", "TEAM", "SITE" or "ENTERPRISE"
  • with us standard hosting, storage and power user hotline support is always included
  • with us upgrades and new versions are always included


Simplicity wins - just 4 license types + free trial that cover all use cases


0) free trial - up to 3 users

We are happy to create rapidly your free 6 week trial life environment for up to 3 users:

  • you can start doing real savings (e.g. RFP/Auctions) on this platform
    (This is not just a sandbox like with competition)
  • we will upload your category structure, register your users and upload your suppliers
  • you will receive your UI and unique URL
  • you will receive a free training and hands on RFP/Auction support
  • and many more things depending on your needs

1) evangelist license - one evangelist user

You want to establish a new process in your organization. You are the evangelist. For now there is no real budget but you are convinced digitalizing this process will bring your company ahead. In this case the evangelist license is what you need. For a very small monthly fee you can show success and that the business case is sound.

  • the evangelist license includes one buy-side user with unlimited transactions (e.g. depending on functional block purchase orders, contracts, invoices, RFx, etc.)

  • the evangelist license additionally includes an administration access allowing you to create templates, dashboards, catalogs, etc. - so you can create a convincing case this system is right for your organization and obtain budget for more users

Get your quote for the evangelist license with the functional blocks you need today using our menu -  "GET OFFER".


2) team license - up to 8 named user

power to your team. Electronic RFQs save up to 70% time and effort compared to getting quotes by email. For a small monthly fee affordable also for all SME you can provide your (strategic) sourcing team of up to 8 members with unlimited usage of RFQs, Auctions, Contract Management and Contract Authoring. Similarly, we offer the team license of Purchase2Pay, SRM, Strategy, Supply Chain and Innovation.  The team license is ideal for you:

  • if you have for now no sourcetocontract, purchasetopay or SRM tool
  • if you have only a limited number of strategic buyers who actually need such a tool
  • if your company already has bought a tool, which however is not used or not user friendly. With the team license you can equip your team finally with something that works great and get the job done without spending any significant amount of money

Get your quote for the team license with the functional blocks you need today using our menu -  "GET OFFER".


3) site license - up to 25 named user

make your site a leader by digitalizing your purchasing. Dramatically, improve your service level to the requestors, by offering an amazon like P2P solution. Liberate, your accounts payable team from chasing approvals by introducing automatic matching and invoice processing. Impress your management by smartphone based approvals and digital contract signing with super rapid turn-around times. Get your quote for the site license with the functional blocks you need today using our menu -  "GET OFFER".

4) enterprise license - unlimited named user

Globally harmonized digital processes for your enterprise. Bundling globally your purchasing power across all sites, countries and continents. We provide you unlimited users with our enterprise license. We provide exceptional value for money: for only 5.997,- €* we provide you with an unlimited user global SRM and SourcetoPay system.

* monthly fee for the functional blocks SRM, SourcetoContract and PurchasetoPay for unlimited named users with annual upfront billing + local VAT.

Get your quote for the enterprise license with the functional blocks you need today using our menu -  "GET OFFER".