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smart innovation

Eberhard W. Aust

open innovation

  • reach out to researchers, suppliers and your customers for new ideas
  • qualify contenders that really fit 
  • create rapidly the legal basis to effectively work together
  • collaborate actively to make break-trough progress
  • handle approvals to successfully make it through the stage-gate process


  • reach out to all your stakeholders for creative input to master today´s and tomorrow´s challenges
  • revolutionize proven ideation processes by making them digital
  • trigger new ideas with inspiring multi-media content
  • quantify, score and prioritize ideas
  • finalize the business case and get approval for the most promising projects

drawing collaboration 

  • reduce your carbon footprint by collaborating over the web
  • provide the easy tools for your suppliers and contractors to comment and improve your design ideas
  • speed up the packaging process by direct drawing collaboration using sticky notes and stake holder based upmarking functionalities

innovation pipeline and project management

  • monitor your innovation pipeline and development project portfolio
  • project your time to market and revenue outlook
  • identify well in advance bottlenecks and resource constraints giving you ample time to take the good corrective action
  • monitor the productivity of your team and of individual stakeholders
  • adapt proactively the project planning to in future always launch on time